GNIC® CRMF® Certification Exam
GNIC® CRMF® Certification Exam

CRMF® Certification Exam

Professional Certified in Risk Management in accordance with ISO 31000 - Foundations Level

You can earn your individual ISO 31000 certification (Foundations level) by succeeding the GNIC ISO 31000 online exam. (Foundations Level 80 questions multiple choice, closed book, 1 hour)

GNIC uses a cloud-based & secure online assessment software with anti-cheat features and excellent customer service in case of problems.

The online exam simulates a closed book exam, by monitoring your screen and yourself via your camera because the GNIC certificates have to be earned by a good level of knowledge and understanding. (75%)

Not every candidate succeeds in this task, which is an indication of the seriousness and value of this certification.

This value is also reflected in the certificate itself. It is printed on high quality paper, with an embossed gold print logo to proof its authenticity. You will also receive a pdf copy, which will be the print proof, of your certificate.

At GNIC, due to the high value of our certificates, we produce certificates once per quarter. The dates depend on candidates finishing their exam and print office availability.

Your copy will be delivered by international registered mail (worldwide), at the latest in the quarter that follows on the date of your successful exam.

In the meantime, the e-mail with your exam result is the proof that you have earned the CRMF® certification with the title of “Professional Certified in Risk Management in accordance with ISO 31000 - Foundations Level”.

Registration and how to Proceed


To register for the exam:

  1. Fill out your request on the form below
  2. Click on “Order Now” button
  3. Receive your invoice for payment

When your payment has been confirmed:

  1. Receive an e-mail with exam instructions, your access link and access code
  2. Start the exam at your convenience and finish the exam within the hour
  3. Receive a full report of your result

When you obtain an insufficient result (< 75%):

  1. Receive an invitation for a free re-exam (step 4)

When you are successful (75% or more):

  1. Receive an e-mail with confirmation of your result
  2. Receive your certificate (hard copy and pdf) the next quarter at the latest

Fee:      375,00 €  VAT included

This fee includes the exam and one free second attempt, a report of your results, a pdf copy of your certificate, the certificate and secured delivery of your certificate worldwide.

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