GNIC®  Executive board
GNIC®  Executive board

GNIC® Executive board

The GNIC Executive board is responsible for the daily operations and development of the Global Network for Independent Certification.

Currently, the board consists of the two founding fathers of GNIC®. Future General Assemblies will allow for an expansion of the board when conditions dictate so.

Peter Blokland – Chairman of the executive board

Peter Blokland (1957) studied military and aeronautical sciences at the Belgian Royal Military Academy and  is a former Belgian Air Force pilot, staff officer and aircraft accident investigator. He occupied flying duties on F-16 as a fighter pilot and also on Alpha-Jet and SF260M as a flying training instructor. Additionally he served as a Commanding Officer (CO) of the 5th squadron (flying training). As a staff officer, he took up duties in Training Command and the Aviation Safety Directory. He finished his military career at NATO’s Allied Command Operations at SHAPE (BE) – where he was involved in nuclear surety and the command & control of NATO’s nuclear assets. He always took pleasure in improving situations and performance by dedicated action, while sharing and passing on his knowledge and expertise.

In 2008 he founded BYAZ, a training, coaching and consultancy company, to start a second career as an organisational and business coach/trainer/consultant. He specialised in risk management and systems thinking and became a certified ISO 31000 Lead Trainer. With his expertise he helps organisations, companies and teams to improve and excel. As an author, together with Prof. Genserik Reniers (TU Delft, KUL & UA), he bundled his experience and ideas on leadership and management in a book titled “Total Respect Management“ (Lannoo Campus, Leuven). Since September 2014, Peter is also active at TU Delft as a PhD researcher working on a project of Netbeheer Nederland to find a proactive way to achieve safety and performance in the gas distribution network industry in the Netherlands. His design to achieve this aim has been written down in his book “Safety & Performance”, published in 2017 (Nova Science publishers, New York).

Currently, he is also a member of the NBN I262, the Belgian mirror committee of ISO TC262, dealing with risk management. Correspondingly he provides foundations and advanced level trainings for ISO 31000 for the Belgian National Standardisation Bureau (NBN)

Steff Vanhaverbeke – Managing director

Steff Vanhaverbeke studied Graphic Design at HIGRO (now Artevelde College Ghent) in 1988-1992. She started with a first web development company in 1995. In 2004, Steff founded ubeon as a marketing & communication agency. Consecutively, as from 2007, she turned that business into a successful  management consulting agency and cooperation network.

Today, as a certified trainer, she teaches Systems Thinking, offering indispensable tools in a world that becomes more connected and complex, and where people and teams have to be more agile and more connected. As a Change Facilitator, Steff guides groups and teams to co-create and innovate, generate a shared vision and commit to a shared mission.