Frequently Asked Questions

Registration for exams goes through the GNIC® associated partners. You can find their details on the promoted courses web pages.

Deadlines can vary from one provider to another, please contact the provider of your choice or look at their website. Details concerning the exam/education providers can be found on their web page.

YES! As a candidate you are free to choose the location where you pass your theoretical tests. This may vary over your certification program.

In general, the certification program is a gradual program. This means that you need to go through the different levels if you want to reach the higher level certificates.

You have to pass the exams associated with the level you want to obtain. You can stop at any level. The exams associated with a certain level are described in the pages relative to that certification.

You can find the various courses and exam dates published on the respective pages of the desired training level: You can also find them on the websites of the training and exam centres.

Your exam will be corrected and processed at the GNIC® seat in Belgium. As soon as your exam is processed, the results are communicated to the exam/training centre where you registered for that particular course/exam. In case of a positive result, you will also receive your certificate. The results can be expected in days, while the certificate can take some weeks to deliver. It is therefore also very important that the exam/training centre always has your current contact details!

A member of the Content Committee or another accredited GNIC®  representative will examine your practical test, when applicable. However, the Global Network for Independent Certification will try to avoid that the examiner is a fellow countryman of the candidate.

The theoretical exams are in the form of multiple choice questions to make sure that no interpretation of answers is possible in any way. This kind of questioning ensures a fast, unambiguous method for both answering and correcting the exams. This will also allow us to get your results faster back to you.

As soon as we have the results, for either the theoretical or practical test, we send them to the GNIC®  associated partner where you registered for that exam. They will then communicate your results.

In general, this will not be possible. In order to keep the confidentiality of our exams, you will not get detailed feedback per question. However, on request, we will give you information on how you scored for the different parts of the standard and in which areas improvement is possible.

Professional Certified in Risk Management in accordance with ISO 31000 – Foundations level.

Professional Certified in Risk Management in accordance with ISO 3100 – Implementor level

When you have registered and paid for an exam and you are unable to participate, you have to notify your exam/education provider and they can schedule you for another exam at no cost, or make further arrangements with GNIC® on how to offer you a second chance.

ABSOLUTELY! The Global Network for Independent Certification is an independent certification organisation. We do not directly deal with training. Still, we provide training material to our members to guarantee an adequate level of competence in our validated courses. However, any non-member organisation, having developed training based on their own or our Codex of References (CoR), can make use of our certification services. But these trainings are entirely under the full responsibility of the concerned organisations. As such, we do not explicitly endorse or support training by non-member organisations and therefore cannot be held responsible for the results of candidates who followed these trainings nor for their correctness and/or completeness.

The Global Network for Independent Certification is a certification organisation. Therefore, The Global Network for Independent Certification, as such, does not directly provide training or training materials . However, many of our members are training organisations that have developed specific training based on our Codex of References (CoR) and specific training content, approved by our academic counsel. The Global Network for Independent Certification does NOT directly interfere with the build-up, content or quality of these trainings, but supports its members through an academic counsel and content committee.

Most of our members offer specific training, but training can also be provided by other organisations. Finally: it is NOT a requirement to follow any training before registering for an exam.

The Codex of References (CoR) is the basic document for all (potential) candidates. It contains:

Information on The Global Network for Independent Certification and the terms of reference per subject matter and certification level on which the exams are based. As such, it contains the items candidates are supposed to master in the form of:

  • Reference standards
  • Reference books
  • Reference articles
  • For advanced certification levels, it also contains the requirements for the execution and report of practical applications
  • Sample questions with answer and explanation, to indicate the way the exam is designed
  • Extended reading list.


The Codex of References (CoR) is available in pdf. through the GNIC®  web shop for a small fee.

The Global Network for Independent Certification will always have the utmost respect for people's privacy. In general, GNIC follows the guidelines and regulations of the EU 2016/679 (GDPR).

The Global Network for Independent Certification does its utmost best to be fully compliant with EU 2016/679 (GDPR) and treats personal data with the utmost respect and security. You can find our privacy statement here.

Furthermore, The Global Network for Independent Certification holds all registers and procedures prescribed by this rule.

Under EU 2016/679 the right to be "forgotten" is an important right of the EU citizen. Please apply via