Is 'Risk Management' broken and can or should we fix it?
Is 'Risk Management' broken and can or should we fix it?

Is 'Risk Management' broken and can or should we fix it?

Earlier this year, I will had the honour and pleasure of participating in the Risk!n 2022 conference , which took place on 19 and 20 May in Zurich, Switzerland. Together with Julian Bessenroth and Rob van den Eijnden I reflected on the question that is also the title of this blog post.

Integrated risk management

This question is actually about a search for integrated risk management in organizations and the fact that more and more experts who pursue such integrated risk management are increasingly avoiding the term 'risk management'. Instead, they prefer to use ideas or designations such as "decision-making", "value management", "risk culture" and the like to tell their story. In doing so, they almost anxiously avoid the term "risk management", because this is apparently not always well understood by many "organizations" and their managers.


But this is only my personal perception of which the quality can be questioned. That is why we have drawn up a short questionnaire to gauge the perception of this topic among others. We would really appreciate it if you could take the time to participate in this short survey:

Is "risk management" broken and can or should we fix it?

The survey consists of 6 questions. These consist of 5 statements where you can indicate to what extent you agree with it and 1 multiple choice question. It will only ask a few minutes of your time.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Peter Blokland

Peter Blokland (1957) studied military and aeronautical sciences at the Belgian Royal Military Academy and  is a former Belgian Air Force pilot, staff officer and aircraft accident investigator. He occupied flying duties on F-16 as a fighter pilot and also on Alpha-Jet and SF260M as a flying training instructor. Additionally he served as a Commanding Officer (CO) of the 5thsquadron (flying training). As a staff officer, he took up duties in Training Command and the Aviation Safety Directory.